What Makes Swarovski Binoculars So Good?

As an adventurer, you may have already heard about Swarovski Binoculars. Many people remark that no matter how well your binoculars serve you, they can’t match up to the Swarovski binoculars. But what makes them so good? Is it worth the money? Because, sincerely speaking, they lean more on the pricey side.

Swarovski Optics is a household name for some of the highest quality products. And the incredible heritage they have is awe-inspiring. But to all their binoculars live up to the hype? That’s the question we all want an answer.

Well, after trying some of their models out and doing some research, we came up with some features that make them so appealing. This article discusses the Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 model, which is one of the most popular ones. And perhaps, you may find out that it is worth every single coin you pay for it. Here are some of its features;


These binoculars feature a high light transmission. That is due to the entirely multi-coated lenses. The binoculars also feature several incredible anti-reflective coatings on the glass surfaces. That causes brighter images. The objective lens diameter is 42 mm.


For the money you will pay for them, you hope the binoculars better have a longer lifespan. As of the optics, the Swarovski El 10×42 have a coating feature known as the Swaroclean. The importance of this feature is to ensure that cleaning the eyepiece lenses proves more comfortable. According to them, the features help decrease the energy on the surface, making cleaning less vigorous. That will amount to longer life of the eyepiece lens.

The binoculars are also water and fog proof. You can therefore use them in quite extreme conditions, and they will outlive the conditions. It’s no wonder that you can hear someone remark that they have had their Swarovski binoculars for over three decades and still have them.

Although the glass used in the binoculars ensures that you get terrific optical performance characterized by a good view, it makes the whole thing heavy. Swarovski opts to use magnesium for the frames instead of aluminum because of the material’s lightness to make up for the weight. But don’t be fooled. The material is strong and makes the binoculars more durable.

Field of view

This model has quite an excellent optical performance. The field of view is about 330feets at 1000yards. Whereas this isn’t as impressive as expected, it is still incredible.

But more remarkable is that The El 10×42 has a Swarovision feature. The term refers to the combination of 20 mm long eye relief and fluoride field flattener lenses. What that means is that the lenses optically flatten the field of view to prevent pincushion misrepresentation.

Remarkably, using fluoride when creating the glass, the objective lenses are also extra-low dispersion due to high density. That way, you get excellent color detail and fidelity.

Roof prism

The El 10×42 binoculars also feature the highest quality BAK4 Prism. Although the latest creations from Swarovski also have a special Swarovski prism coating known as the Swarobright. The design is to help improve the color hence providing the most nuanced true to life color. And so far, the color of the images is incredible.

Short focus

Generally, according to MaidWhiz, the long-range focus of the Swarovski binoculars is impressive, and the close focus distance of this specific model, on the other hand, is about 4.9ft. Different models have better close focus distance that the El 10×42, including the SLC series.


Ever wondered what the EL in the model stands for? The acronym stands for ergonomic light. The Swarovski models describe as lightweight. The El 10×42 is 780g, which is indeed light. But other brands are more lightweight than this. The binoculars are still pretty comfortable.

Other features

  • This model has an exit pupil of 4.2 and a long eye relief of about 20 mm. That makes them quite comfortable even for someone using glasses.
  • It also features extra-low dispersion glasses, the ED Glasses.
  • It features a phase correction coating.


Purchasing the package comes with some unique accessories. You will find a lift neck strap in the box, an objective lens cover, a rain guard, and a case. An essential unique accessory you will also get is the snapshot camera adapter.

With this accessory, you can take incredibly high-quality photos and either short or long-range. This adapter allows you to connect your digital camera to the binoculars with such ease. You get a supplied ring that you can use to easily connect your camera with this model and many others from Swarovski. That way, you create an excellent camera lens that you can use to capture amazing photos.


These binoculars might be costly, but they are worth every single cent. Although the model features a limited warranty, you can be sure to use them for decades on end. Are they comfortable to use? Yes, they are. And what is more, you get as good a view or even better due to improved features.