What Are the Best Binoculars for Long Distance Viewing?

Long-distance binoculars are most often used by professional sport hunters and experienced stargazers, but other hobbyists may find good use for them as well. The main allure of these devices is exactly as they imply: to see images at the greatest possible distance.  Here are some of our picks for long-range binoculars.

Vortex Optics KAI-5603 Kaibab HD 20×56

Vortex is well-known for their optical equipment and is a popular choice among hunters and outdoorsmen.

This model has a high level of light transmission due to the lens’s full multi-coating and also has an XR plus anti-reflective coating. The lenses are simultaneously high-density and extra-low dispersion for excellent long-range clarity. The field of view is 194 feet/1000 yards.

The binoculars are covered in a durable, non-slip rubber casing and ultra-hard armortek lens coatings, offering ideal protection in exceptionally rugged environments. They are fog- and waterproof as well.

Pentax SP 20×60 WP Binocular

Pentax has been designing optics for more than a century, a testament to its popularity and quality. The large objective lens allows this binocular to gather plenty of light and provide you with clear images, even when the light is low.

The lenses also feature a multi-layer coating to ensure improved light transmission and bright colors at top magnification levels. It is incredibly durable, and fog- and waterproof due to its nitrogen-filled rugged housing, which repels water, dust, and grease.  Affordability also makes this model quite popular.

Although these long-range binoculars offer great functionality, there are a few minor drawbacks. They don’t come with a warranty, and the package does not include a tripod adaptor. It may also not be the best choice for eyeglasses wearers.

Celestron 71017 Sky Master 25×100 Binocular

These long-range binoculars are a great choice for stargazing, as they easily replace the traditional telescope. The magnification makes it quite a powerful binocular.

It provides an ultra-sharp focus across the field of view and features a personal eyepiece focus, ensuring the ideal focus position. It features multicoated optics offering clear views with ample light transmission. The enormous 100 mm objective lens ensures maximum brightness for your images. The long eye relief makes this a comfortable choice for eyeglass wearers. A quality BaK4 Porro Prism design rounds out the performance details for this model.

The Sky Master model features a protective rubber covering to give you a good firm grip. But you still need a good tripod, as it is heavy.

Nikon K-93833-04 Monarch 5 20×56 ED

The Monarch 5 is an exceptionally popular model from a world-leading brand. Low-light performance is one of the features that sets this pair apart from others in its class.

The ED glass ensures high levels of image clarity with low dispersion and the eco glass lenses with multi-coating provide optimal light transmission, read more information on site http://www.checklistmaids.com/. The dielectric high reflective coating prisms ensure accurate coloring and crisp images, and 56mm objective lenses afford the reputable low-light optical performance.

If you use glasses, you’ll appreciate the long eye relief. This model is also highly durable due to its rubber coating, and is fog- and waterproof, but remarkably, you still get a lifetime warranty from Nikon.


When it comes to choosing long-range binoculars, their intended use should be your primary consideration. As you can see, a model built for astronomy, for example, is not ideal for sport hunting. Be sure to evaluate your needs to select a pair that will provide the best experience within your budget.