Should I Get 8x or 10x Binoculars?

A significant percentage of shoppers tend to think that 10x binoculars always offer better performance than 8x binoculars due to their higher magnification. However, that’s not always the case.

When you use an 8x instrument, it will bring objects 8 times closer than you can see it using your naked eyes. On the other hand, 10x binoculars will bring objects 10 times closer. How can you choose the best device? Read on to find out:

How Will You Be Using the Binoculars?

The optical instruments are designed for different purposes. Therefore, if you are uncertain about the best option for your intended use, an expert can offer insights to help make an informed decision. For example, if you go for rifle hunting, you’re likely to be involved in a lot of trekking in wide expanses.

As a result, you’ll need a maximum reach to identify your prey with ease. In this case, 10x binoculars are better due to their extra reach. Even if you’re within close range of a target, you need skills to handle high powered devices due to the ability to gather the details you need for the exercise. Although the high magnification may not guarantee the best field of view, 10x are ideal for rifle hunting.

On the other hand, if you prefer bow hunting, the extra reach of 10x devices is unnecessary. For you to catch your prey using a bow, the optical instruments should be high powered. You may also be taken into blinds when hunting near trees and stalking in woods.

If that happens, the extra reach of 10x binoculars may not be helpful, and this is when you’ll need an 8x device. Its wider field of view will make it easier for you to locate fast-moving prey in wooded areas.

When it comes to birding, the ideal choice of the magnification power will depend on the types of birds you’ll be targeting. For fast-flying birds, 8x binoculars are the best as they have a wider field of view.

However, if you intend to glass for large, slower-moving birds, you need a 10x instrument as they will offer more detailed images. The extra field of view is unnecessary in this case.

Another big consideration is how steady you can hold binoculars. A 10x bino is much harder to stabilize (though doable for most people), whereas an 8x might be ideal for someone with shaky hands.

What is Your Budget?

Just like any other types of devices, the price of the optics depends on their features. Some people tend to limit how much money they can spend if they have a hard budget. However, you should consider going for instruments offered at a reasonable price and get maximum value for your money.

If you want to get clear images, buy optics with ED glass. This will cost more money. Some of them cost thousands of dollars, but they offer the best possible pictures.

Binoculars Durability is Also Important

Every user would want to use their binoculars as long as possible. The durability of the devices is more critical if you are a hunter. Most tools made for this use are designed to last for extended periods to enable them to take the beatings that nature throws at them.

Ensure that you purchase a fully waterproof instrument. The feature is vital even if you don’t intend to use your optics inside water. You can never tell when the rain will start pouring down on the lenses.