How Do You Attach a Binocular Harness?

When attaching your binocular harness, it’s always best to check the instructions that they come with. Each harness will have slightly different mechanisms to attach them to the binoculars and following the instructions carefully eliminates any chance of the harness not attaching properly. 

There are a few different types of binocular harnesses, but commonly they feature a suspender or traditional type harness attachment. In these cases, they attach to your binoculars the same way a neck-strap would. Don’t panic if you’ve never done that before; we shall tell you how now. 

Usually, this can be done in a few simple steps. First, you will need to locate the strap brackets, loops, or eyelets on your binoculars. These are usually on the side of your binoculars. They look like a small latch with a loop or bracket-like structure.

If you have any trouble locating these, check your binoculars manual. They usually have a labeled diagram of your binoculars that can be helpful when attaching your harness. 

Next, take the thin cord or connectors on your harness and thread them through the eyelets on the binoculars. Most harnesses will have these to attach to your binoculars, but if they don’t, check the instructions that came with them and follow those steps instead.

Most instructions will also feature pictures that can help identify these parts of the harness or binoculars if you are new to binoculars or unsure of these parts. 

Fasten the straps on each side if needed, using the slider mechanism on the harness. These mechanisms will vary slightly from harness to harness, so it’s important to check the instructions carefully. Generally speaking, you slide the cord or strap back on themselves through the slider. 

The connectors will clip onto your harness, securing your binoculars in place. How this happens again will vary on the harness, but you can usually expect your binoculars to be at chest or neck level, depending on the harness you have. 

Be sure to test that the connection is secure before taking your binoculars out in their harness. The last thing you want is for them to fall out or the harness to break while you are out! Test them over a soft surface and be ready to catch them if they fall! 

Some brands like Vortex and Steiner have different types of connectors that are unique to them. They will come with step-by-step instructions for you to follow, but usually, they work in the same way we showed you earlier. 

If you run into difficulty or are unsure of how to attach your harness, be sure to check out some online tutorials. There are loads online showing different brands of harnesses and binoculars, so you are bound to find one that will help you attach your harness.

Sometimes watching someone else attach the harness first can clarify any questions you have, especially if your harness instructions are a little vague! If you run into difficulty or are unsure of how to attach your harness, be sure to check out some online tutorials. 

How do you adjust a binocular harness?

Adjusting your binocular harness will be different for everyone. Each harness is made differently and features different mechanisms that will adjust your harness. For specific guidance on how to do this, check the instructions that came with your binocular harness.

Generally speaking, your harness will be adjustable on the front and back sides, allowing you to adjust the fit perfectly to your body. These straps will have a slider to move the strap through to increase or decrease the strap length. It will often look similar to those on rucksack straps. 

Feed the strap through these sliders until the harness fits comfortably. It should be snug but not feel so tight that you are uncomfortable. If your harness features a bag, as some do, you should also be able to adjust the length of its drop. It will feature the same adjustable slider as the other straps and should be fairly easy for you to do. 

You will also be able to adjust the length of your binoculars that are attached to the harness. Using the cord or strap you threaded earlier to attach the binoculars to the harness, thread them through the sliders to adjust the length.

You will be able to bring them closer to your face or lower them so that your binoculars rest on your chest. Generally, it’s where most users have their binoculars positioned. 

Some harnesses will feature a buckle and holes for you to adjust the harness. In these cases, unbuckle your harness and re-buckle it in a better position for you. These tend to have less adjustability, although you can always punch more holes in yourself should you adjust it more. 

Some brands will feature a slightly different way to adjust them. Brands like  Vortex will use their unique way of attaching your binoculars and adjusting the harness. In these cases, follow their instructions carefully.

They should not be overly dissimilar from those we have looked at today, but it’s always best to follow the instructions. Following their instructions can often save you time and ensure that your harness is adjusted properly and safely; the last thing you want is something to go wrong when you are out!

If you don’t have the instructions to hand, you can search for the make and model of your harness online. Usually, a downloadable version of the instructions will come up, or you can view the product online and find a copy of the instructions or manual that way. 

The instructions usually feature step-by-step guides and pictures detailing how to adjust your harnesses, making it easier for you to do. Failing that, you can search online for video tutorials. These can help provide a visual guide and show you how to adjust your harness at your speed.

You can search for the make and model of your harness to find your model and know exactly what to do with it. These tutorials can be extremely helpful and are worth using when it comes to adjusting your binocular harness.