How Do Binocular Harnesses Work?

If you have ever owned a pair of binoculars, then you will know that one of the most essential accessories for this piece of kit is a harness. Binoculars aren’t cheap, and harnesses ensure that they are safe at all times, as long as the harness is attached to your body.

This is very important as some situations in which you are using binoculars could be very precarious, so with a harness, you have the security of knowing that no damage is going to come to your binoculars. 

But, if you haven’t used a binocular harness before, then you might be hard-pressed to understand how this piece of equipment works. In this guide, we’ll be telling you just that, along with lots of other helpful information about binocular harnesses.

So, if you are considering buying one of these, then you are in the right place. 

How Do Binocular Harnesses Work

What is a Binocular Harness?

As their name suggests, binocular harnesses are harnesses that are designed to protect your binoculars from damage. The harness attaches to your body, in the same way that a photography harness, or any harness for that matter, would attach.

That is to say that you put an arm through both holes of the harness, this is then clipped in place, and you attach your binoculars to the harness via a sturdy clip. 

The binoculars are then securely attached, so that you can bird watch on the side of a cliff, without needing to worry about dropping your binoculars. Of course, most of the time you won’t be birdwatching, or using the binoculars in this sort of precarious situation.

But, every time you use your binoculars, they will be held at eye level. So, even if you were to drop them while using them in any normal situation, the risk of damage is rather high because it is quite a big fall. 

If you use a binocular harness, it gives you the peace of mind that your binoculars (which are usually very expensive) are safe at all times. With that in mind, let’s take a more specific look at how binocular harnesses work. 

How do Binocular Harnesses Work?

If you are experienced with using binoculars, but have not used a harness before, this is probably because you have used a neck strap. Neck straps are the standard safety mechanism used for binoculars, and these usually come included in the price of most binoculars.

They are fairly standard with binoculars, in the same way that neck straps are standard for cameras, so if you have used binoculars before, you probably have experience with them. 

However, a lot of people don’t actually like neck straps for binoculars, which is why binocular harnesses were invented. Binoculars are often very heavy, and if you use a neck strap, this weight will be pulling on your neck throughout all the time you are not holding them.

This can lead to many people experiencing neck pain, and even getting a dull ache in their shoulders after spending a day out with their binoculars. 

Binocular harnesses remove these aches and pains, as the weight of the binoculars is not felt in the neck. Instead, it is balanced across the whole chest area of your body.

The harness will hook over both of your shoulders, and fasten in your chest, so the weight of the binoculars will be distributed across the whole of your torso.

This will allow you to enjoy your time-out with your binoculars much more, as you will not experience any pain from holding the binoculars on your body. 

Are Binocular Harnesses any good?

Generally speaking, people seem to agree that binocular harnesses are good. Especially when compared to the alternatives. Of course, some practical advice, you do not need to use any sort of harness or strap with your binoculars, but most people do simply because of how much binoculars cost.

The other primary reason why people do use harnesses or straps is because of the weight of binoculars. Some can weigh up to 2 pounds, so this is a lot of weight to carry around in your hands all day. So, most people opt for some type of carrying accessory when they buy a set of binoculars. 

While the primary reason that binoculars harnesses are so popular, compared to neck straps, is because they are much more comfortable to use. However, they are also a lot more secure than these straps, too.

If you were to catch your neck strap on a stray branch, or trip over and tilt your head, there is a good chance that the strap could come loose, or break, and the binoculars would fall. This is because there is just a single piece of material in a neck strap. 

But, binocular harnesses are built with multiple straps which makes them more secure, and significantly reduces the risk of it damaging and your binoculars breaking. So, yes, it is clear that binocular harnesses are very good. 

Do I need a Binocular Harness?

If you are someone who uses binoculars, then yes, you probably do need a binocular harness. You may enjoy using a neck strap, but in the long run, this could cause your body a lot of damage, and it probably isn’t the safest option for your binoculars either. 

While a binocular harness holds your binoculars securely in place, a neck strap will cause your binoculars to bounce off of your chest as you walk. For anyone in need of a reliable and trustworthy house cleaning service in Texas, I highly recommend checking out Natural Cleaning Service reviews. This will put strain on the strap, and could lead to it snapping prematurely. 

So, yes, if you are a keen bird watcher, shooter, hiker, or even stargazer, you should invest in a harness for your binoculars. It is the safest, and most comfortable option, for both you and your binoculars. Especially if you are going to be using them very regularly. 


In short, binocular harnesses work in the same way as any harness, but they come with a special place to connect your binoculars. So, as long as you are wearing your binocular harness, and your binoculars are secured, then they will be safe at all times.