Best Binoculars Under $400 Reviewed

When you get above $400 in the binocular market, you start to get into some higher end, more specialized options. While they are a far cry from the multi thousand dollar pairs offered by European manufacturers, you can get some cool features in this price range. We reviewed a number of them below, including a night vision pair, an ultra high zoom pair, and a few high end general purpose binos.

Best Binoculars Between $300 and $400

Option #1 – Maven C1 10×42 ED Binoculars

Our first product recommendation will focus on the highly-reputable Maven C1 10×42 ED Binoculars. These binoculars are completely water-resistant and they are also durable enough to resist scratches on the lenses. You also won’t have to worry about these binoculars fogging up when you use them.

The slick orange and gray design is stylish and appealing for most customers. The price range is reasonable for the level of quality that is provided. The lightweight and portable design for thees binoculars makes them one of the best overall choices on the marketplace at this value.

These binoculars are perfect for outdoor activities like camping, bird watching, sporting events, or just about anything else that requires large viewing distances outside. The clear image is produced with a high level of brightness and contrast. Very few other brands would be able to match the level of quality that is produced from these binoculars at this price.


  • Extremely Durable Design (Waterproof, Fog-Proof, and Scratch Resistant)
  • Exceptional Viewing Quality
  • Stylish Orange and Gray Design
  • Very Portable and Lightweight


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range

Option #2 – Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Binoculars

Our second product review is specifically focused on the Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Binoculars. These waterproof binoculars are actually priced on the slightly higher end of the pricing parameters for this review. They are available in two separate color variations, including grey and black. These binoculars are popularly used for boating purposes and other similar outdoor activities.

The overall reputation for these binoculars is fairly positive because of the durable level of quality. This might fall above the acceptable budget for some customers because of the slightly higher price tag. It can certainly be challenging to determine if these high-quality features are worth the price. There are certainly some more affordable selections available on the marketplace to consider for purchase.

With that being said, these Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Binoculars could be an exceptional investment if you are looking for a reputable and stylish pair of binoculars that provide great viewing quality.


  • Exceptional Design Quality
  • Completely Water-Resistant
  • Two Color Variations are Available (Grey and Black)


  • Very Expensive Price Range
  • Limited Quantity Available

Option #3 – Bestguarder NV-900 Digital Night Vision Binoculars

We are really excited to have the opportunity to look at these high-quality Bestguarder NV-900 Digital Night Vision Binoculars. These are a great choice if you plan on conducting outdoor activities at night in the dark. The enhanced night vision capabilities integrated within the design of these binoculars is truly impressive.

These binoculars work a little bit differently than you might expect. You have a glass viewing screen that is capable of recording in high-resolution. You can also capture sounds with this convenient pair of binoculars. The optical clarity with these binoculars allows users to see up to 1,300 Feet away at night with the included night vision functionality.


  • Impressive Night Vision Functionality
  • High-Quality Viewing Screen with HD Recording Functions
  • Extremely Durable and Reliable


  • Limited Quantity Available

Option #4 – Burris Optics Signature High Definition Fast Focus Binoculars

Our penultimate selection for this product review will focus on the Burris Optics Signature High Definition Fast Focus Binoculars. These reputable binoculars have a unique design that ensures that the highest level of viewing quality is achieved at all times. The lightweight design makes these binoculars extremely portable and convenient to carry on outdoor trips and activities.

You will be able to achieve maximum light transmission with reduced flares and anti-fog properties due to the outstanding optics. You also get some convenient accessories, including lens covers, a durable neck strap, and a carrying case for these binoculars.


  • Includes Lens Covers and a Durable Carrying Case
  • Anti-Fog Design
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • Only Available in One Color
  • Minor Durability Issues

Option #5 – Sunagor Mega Zoom Binoculars

We are going to conclude this product review by taking a look at these high-end Sunagor Mega Zoom Binoculars. These binoculars have a remarkable 30x magnification, which is significantly higher than most other binoculars in the industry. The convenient sliding zoom lever allows for users to instantly adjust their desired level of zoom. The focus knob can also be used in unison with the zoom lever to achieve sharp focusing and instant visual clarity.

These powerful binoculars are almost in a league of their own. They are also priced on the higher-end of the pricing parameters that we have outlined. If these fantastic binoculars fall into the range of your budget, then we highly recommend that you consider purchasing them because they are truly something special.


  • Very Powerful Zooming Capability (30X)
  • Very High-Quality Visual Clarity and Focus
  • Strong and Durable Design


  • Expensive Price Range