What Case Should I Use For My Binoculars?

Binoculars are not a cheap piece of equipment, as you probably already know, so finding the perfect case to protect your binoculars is essential. When you invest a lot of money into a tool, like a set of binoculars, then you really do not want something as simple as a scratch to put that money to waste. This is why a case is so essential. 

However, the range of cases available for binoculars is actually very similar. This is mainly because not many people actually use binocular cases. At least not while they are out exploring. Instead, most people opt for harnesses and neck straps, so finding the perfect case for you and your needs is often difficult. 

In this guide, we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about binocular cases. Additionally, we’ll be looking at all the other types of accessories that you can use to carry and protect your binoculars, to help you decide which is best for you. 

What is a Binocular Case?

As the name suggests, a binocular case is a case to hold your binoculars. It is designed to fit the shape of binoculars perfectly, so that this expensive piece of equipment is fully supported when held in the case. 

Most binocular cases will come with padding on the inside to protect the binoculars and all their precious components. In contrast, the exterior of the case is usually made with a harsher material which is usually either waterproof or, at least, water resistant in order to protect your binoculars. 

In terms of appearance, most binoculars cases look a bit like the sort of bag that you would expect an explorer to carry. They are often satchel-like in shape and come with lots of different strap varieties, including straps that attach to your waist, or clip around your neck. 

You will also get binoculars cases that are designed solely for storing your binoculars when they are not being used. These cases are often very heavy, and built using metal to ensure that your binoculars are safe when you keep them in your home. As we have mentioned, a lot of people opt against taking binocular cases out with them when exploring. Instead, these people tend to use harnesses or straps to keep their binoculars safe. If you are one of these people, then a metal binoculars case might be best for you. 

What is the Best Way to Carry Your Binoculars?

Now that we’ve established that there are lots of different binoculars cases available, let’s take a look at what is the best way to carry your binoculars. While cases are a great way to protect your binoculars, a lot of people choose not to use them, so what may they use instead?

Binocular Harness

Without a doubt, the most popular way to carry your binoculars is to use a harness. These harnesses hook over both of your shoulders and secure in the center of your chest, like a gun harness would. Your binoculars are then securely attached in place, and they will not go anywhere as long as you are wearing the harness. 

Harnesses are the most popular way to carry your binoculars because they keep the binoculars safe, and also protect your body. Binoculars are not lightweight at all, and carrying them around all day can really put a strain on you. Due to the design of harnesses, the weight of the binoculars is distributed evenly across your body. So, you will not be uncomfortable while out exploring. 

Neck Strap

While binocular harnesses are probably the most popular way to carry your binoculars, neck straps are one of the most common. This is mainly because neck straps are often included in the cost of binoculars, so most people who own binoculars will have them. These straps simply secure to your binoculars, and are then worn around your neck like a lanyard. 

Neck straps are common, but they are linked with a lot of different problems. They are not the most secure for your binoculars because the strap will cause your binoculars to bounce off of your chest as you walk. They also aren’t the safest for your body, as the weight of the binoculars causes the strap to dig into your neck, which can cause you harm. This is why most people move onto harnesses rather than neck straps. 

Carry Case

But, let’s take another look at the type of carry option that we are focusing on today, and that is the carry case. This is perhaps the least popular option for people to use while they are actually out and about using their binoculars. Yet, most people still own a carry case for their binoculars. 

The majority of people who use binoculars will use them for a day at a time, when they go out on a trip. So, they will use a carry case to keep their binoculars safe when they are not being used, but opt for a neck strap or harness when they are actually out. So, while they might not be the most popular option for when you are out birdwatching, you should invest in a binoculars case. 

What case should I use for Binoculars?

Due to the fact that most people only use binoculars when they are out, we would recommend purchasing a metal binoculars case. This type of material is guaranteed to keep your binoculars safe while they are in storage, ensuring that your binoculars will not become damaged when you aren’t using them. 

But, if you do want to take a binoculars case out with you, then we would recommend going for the satchel style bag that we mentioned earlier. These are a lot more lightweight, making them much more suitable for carrying around for long periods of time. However, ultimately, the decision is entirely yours. 


In short, we think that the best type of case for your binoculars is a metal case which will keep your binoculars protected when they are in storage. This is mainly because most people choose not to use a binocular case when they are actually out exploring, so you will not need the case to be lightweight or portable.