Best Binocular Harness

If you are a keen birdwatcher or hunter, then you’ll know the importance of a decent pair of goggles. Not only do binoculars help you see in the low lighting conditions, but they will help you track your prey across miles of distance. But the sad thing is they are often heavy.

This is where having the right binocular vest will come in handy. There will be a few things that you’ll be looking for that we’ll discuss more in-depth later in the article, but you’ll be wanting a harness that fits snugly around the shoulders and stomach, as well as giving you plenty of support in the back.

Ideally, you won’t want a harness that is too flimsy or will cause your heavy binoculars to bang against your stomach or swing around your neck as you move.

These things are very heavy, so you’ll want to avoid them snagging on any branches, as this could alert you to your prey or even cause you injury.

So where can you find the best harness for your binocular needs? What features does your binocular harness need to have to give you the best support all through your hunt?

What materials make up the best binocular vest? How much can you be looking to spend on a decent set of binoculars?

Well, if you want to pick up only the best binoculars, then we recommend that your read on. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most durable binocular harnesses that you can pick up online. We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you to discern between the best harnesses and the worst.

Best Binocular Harnesses

Zeiss Premium Binocular & Camera Harness

Our first model of harness is one of the best when it comes to supporting anyone with heavy binoculars.

This harness will keep the binoculars close to you at all times, allowing you to reach them quickly, which is necessary when you are out hunting or need to keep track of your game as your move – introducing the Zeiss Premium Binocular And Camera Harness.

This binocular harness will fit snugly and quite comfortably around your shoulders with a handy clip that you can use to detach the whole thing quickly.

This will allow you to clip the binoculars firmly and release them by pushing a button on the front of the harness itself. This is definitely one for professional birdwatchers.

This harness not only has quick release, but it has quiet release also. This is perfect for anyone tracking animals that have a very keen sense of hearing and will be able to detect where you are from the slightest movement. This has eyelet connectors that have been said by reviewers to be some of the best in the industry.

Pros: The straps on this one are seriously well-designed, made from durable plastic that will not break even after repeated wear. You can even crawl on your belly in the dust with this one and you still won’t experience much wear.

This comes with a quick-release mechanism, so if, for whatever reason, you need to discharge your harness, then you can do so quickly and without much difficulty.

This will allow you to clip your binoculars quickly and easily, which is great if you are looking for quick detachment and release.

This will fit snugly but not too uncomfortably, allowing you wonderful freedom of movement, which is extremely important when you are tracking animals across a large distance at a fast pace.

Cons: Pricey – for what it offers, this one is pretty expensive, so if you want something that is a bit more reasonable in the price department, then we would recommend you go with a different model.

Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Camera Harness

This next binocular harness is very important when it comes to carrying heavier binoculars, with a cotton construction which is not only very comfortable against your skin, but it is also perfect for carrying lots of different types of gear.

You have tether straps and rain protection with this harness – introducing the Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Camera Harness.

This harness comes with plenty of devices like widgets and an allan key, all of which are very helpful when it comes to distributing the weight of your gear. You can clip your binoculars to the front of your chest, which is very helpful when it comes to freeing up your hand, either to handle a weapon or to simply take a sip of water.

This comes with a ventilation back panel, which is great for keeping you cool if you are wandering across those plains on a hot summer day. This is a very safe vest for you to use, the shoulder straps that are both durable and comfortable, this cotton vest strap is everything that you need for a very snug and cozy harness.

Pros: This is one of the best harnesses when it comes to birdwatching and hunting on a hot day. This not only comes with some high-quality ventilation in the back, but it also expels heat from the underarms.

These have adjustable shoulder straps, which are very important when it comes to getting a harness that fits your unique body shape.

This has several pockets in which you can keep your notebooks, pencils and other observational devices. This harness is equally distributed in terms of weight, giving you everything that you need for a balanced load.

This is the safest jacket that you can get – it will hold your binoculars tightly and securely, with a quick-release catch that will operate with smoothness and silence every time.

Cons: You need to make sure that you get the right model, as there are some versions that you can get without the binocular harness.

OUFABE Binocular Harness Strap

This next harness strap gives you all the basics for a very reasonable price tag. This is adjustable and can fit most body types.

This comes with an even distribution of weight across the entire unit, meaning that you won’t find yourself off balance when you are trudging across the plains – introducing the OUFABE Binocular Harness Strap.

This will hold your binoculars firmly in place using a clip that won’t result in them swinging around and bashing against your body. You can keep your hands free to hold your rifle or lashing together your tent without experiencing any discomfort.

This is a very affordable vest, making it a must-have for any newbie birdwatchers who are working to a budget. This will help you to avoid neckache, as the binoculars will not be swinging around your neck for any length of time.

This vest is also made for cameras, so if you fancy tracking birds with heavy, high-tech equipment, then we’d certainly recommend this vest.

Pros: This comes with nylon and lycra construction, which makes this harness both very stretchy and resilient even to the harshest of pulls.

This harness will provide you with ease of movement, freeing up your arms so that you can engage with complicated tasks such as tying the rope on your tent or changing the ammo in your gun.

This is great for anyone who is operating heavy camera equipment too, giving you a range of motion that you will definitely need when crawling through difficult spaces.

This harness will fit very snugly to the torso, which means that you will be able to wear it for much longer. This is perfect for hunters who want to spend all day in the undergrowth.

Cons: This might be a little too expensive and have too many features for your average birdwatcher, so if you are new to the hobby, then you might want to go for something a little cheaper.

Badlands Bino C Camouflage Case for Compact Binoculars

This harness is perfect for anyone who wants the ultimate rain cover for their harness. Sometimes these vests can perish from long-term exposure to the rain, well that is not the case with this harness.

This is very resilient to all different weathers, including arid dust conditions – introducing the Badlands Bino C Camouflage Case for Compact Binoculars.

This is fully adapted for wildlife watchers who fancy themselves to be adventurers and are ready for any type of weather scenario. This is a very water-repellent vest, so whether it is camping out in a torrential downpour or hiking waist-deep in water, then you can be sure that it will provide you with more than adequate security.

This has plenty of tethers that you can use to lash various items to your person. This is perfect if you are someone that’s going to be carrying a lot of gear but might not want to go to the trouble of shouldering a backpack.

This is one of the most heavy-duty shoulder bags that you can find, perfect for anyone who wants to rough it out for a few days at a time.

Pros: This harness is great for your back, so if you have any pre-existing injuries then we would recommend that you pick up this one. Not only is it very lightweight, but you can distribute your gear evenly across its surface.

This comes with a carry case that is built into the fabric of the jacket itself. This will free up your hands for more difficult tasks such as getting a fire ready or moving bracken to one side.

This has a sophisticated design that will blend in well with your ordinary camping apparel. You won’t have to worry about being destabilized when out in the deep undergrowth.

This is probably the most simple design, all you have to do with this one is slip your binoculars in and you should be ready to rumble.

Cons: This might not have all the features suitable for a pro-level birdwatcher, so make sure that you know how much gear you’re going to be needing to take with you before hitting the hiking trail.

OP/TECH USA Fashion Strap

This final fashion strap is one for those who want the bare bones and not much else when it comes to their accessories. This is a simple strap that can be fitted over the torso very comfortably, with adjustable straps that can be molded to any body type.

This harness even self-adjusts according to the amount of gear that you’re carrying – introducing the OP/TECH USA Fashion Strap.

This harness will accommodate most styles of camping, hunting and birdwatching, giving you everything that you need for comfortable wear for a long duration. This is very hassle-free, with very few clips that you can easily and efficiently attach your binoculars, torches and camping utensils to.

This harness will actually shift itself following your body movements, which makes it the number one model for those who like to climb during their excursions.

This is a very affordable unit, especially when you consider the sheer range of features that it offers. This has an elastic component that will enable you to stretch and exert yourself when you are out on the trail. Newbie hunters will definitely appreciate the freedom of movement and the lightweight feel.

Pros: This is a great budget unit – if you are looking for something that is very reasonably priced and comes with an impressive range of features, then we would suggest that you start with this harness.

This can hold not just heavy binoculars but very heavy and expensive camera equipment. If you are expecting to be clutching a lot of camera items, then we would suggest that you opt for this jacket, as it establishes a reliable and even distribution of weight that won’t throw you off balance.

This has plenty of easy-to-use clips that will allow you to detach and reattach your binoculars very quickly. This is not only good for people who are operating lots of gear, but it is good for when you are having to track prey quickly.

This is a simple harness that you won’t have to have too much DIY knowledge to operate.

Cons: There is another model of this harness that comes with stretch webbing that will be much easier to use, we would recommend that any newbies pick up one of these instead.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to picking up your next binocular harness, there will be a few things that you’ll be wanting to consider before laying your money down:

How Durable Is It?

You’ll want to consider the various materials that you’ll be wanting to use before committing to picking up a new harness. It is advised to read reviews of blackhawk Bank when you are looking for trusted commercial loans. Most of these harnesses are made from a stretchy material such as nylon or cotton, which is very durable and won’t be too hard on your skin.

Is It Weatherproof?

Having a harness that is resilient to water, hot weather and other materials will be crucial when it comes to trekking across the dust plains or getting waist-deep in water while carrying your gear.

How Adjustable Is It?

Having a harness that shifts to accommodate your particular body shape will be very important when you are out in the great unknown. A tight harness will cut into your arms and around your waist, chafing you and perhaps even causing sores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is An Average Harness?

You’ll be looking to pay at least $100 for a decent harness, although some of the cheaper models are actually much lower in price. You have to make sure that you know how much gear you’ll be planning to carry on your person, as this will determine the harness that you’ll be buying.

If you are new to wearing binoculars, then we would recommend going with a cheaper option first and then upgrading the elements that don’t suit you. If it is cutting into your arms, then we would recommend getting a larger model. Having a harness that self-adjusts is a great way of determining how comfortable you want it to be.

Our Final Say

We hope that this list of some of the best harnesses on the market has helped you to decide which will be the best for your camping needs. Not only do you need to be mindful of how well these binoculars are held to your body, but you’ll also need to be careful of how they swing around your neck.

We would suggest that you go for the cheapest type of harness to begin with before you splash out on what might be considered a more heavy-duty model.