Best 8x42mm Binoculars – Great Option With Wide Field of View

In more than 3-billion-year of life history, human beings are the first species to improve natural senses using technology. This is a recent accomplishment. In the near future, maybe very soon, there will be built-in telescopic implants that zoom in a person’s vision. For today however, the only thing we can do is to lift a binocular to see.

The most appropriate binoculars to be used in astronomy is not the same as a binoculars suited for bird watching, the same case with binoculars for horse racing or rambling. The good thing is, in all the features of a binoculars, there are two figures that show you all the important specs of the device – starting from magnification power and the size of its lenses. In this post, we are going to look at several 8×42 binoculars models from different brands.

8×42 Magnification is easily explained. This is a measurements of how large an object can be seen. This goes together with the viewing side, so that the higher the magnification power, the smaller the viewing angle. When it comes to far away objects, a magnification more powerful than 10x will do fine, but for objects that are relatively close by, or others with rapid movement and are a bit hard to site, a magnification of little power, such as 8×42 will be great.

The other feature is the lenses power on your binocular. The larger the lenses, the higher it’s light collection power which automatically makes have a better functionality in poor light. Big lenses makes a binoculars heavier to hold for prolonged durations, although they are the best for use in dim light.

The most appropriate binoculars for astronomical use, should be 8×42. This provides a magnification power of 8x with lenses having a length of up to 42mm across. This 8x power is perfect for astronomy – any bigger lenses and you will start to get an arm-ache due to the weight of the binoculars – and 42 mm lenses cab be bigger than usual to have more light-gathering capacity, which will help you see very smaller objects such as nebulae. (If you have never had an excellent binoculars in the past, you will be surprised at what you will see during twilight.)

For horse racing games and other different sports, our subject lenses can be used since you will be using the binoculars in daylight mostly, therefore a typical spec may be 8×42. Having smaller lenses will give you a lighter binoculars, so that you can achieve much higher magnifications, since your arms are not getting tired easily.

Other useful but not necessarily essential features are image stabilization, which is superb but will cost you extra, because of the build specs, durability, its weight as well as weatherproof features.

It is important to note that for certain uses, you might be better off going for a high-magnification spotting scope than the 8×42, and a portable monocular.

In the following list, find some selected a few of our favorite 8×42 models from the most modern binocular ranges, but note that there are more different sizes from various resellers

1. Nikon Monarch HG 8×42

This is a relatively expensive option, but among the best compact binoculars

It is among the newest premium binoculars available from the Nikon brand. It comes in 8x 30mm or – according to our selection of the top picks – 8×42 options. This Nikon Monarch 8×42 is not only compact and conveniently portable, thanks to a weight of around 450g, it is designed using magnesium alloy so that it comes with an added advantage of being fog and water proof. The idea behind this is to increase the performance of the Nikon Monarch 30 mm version, although this time, it is in a more compatible binoculars. The use of extra small dispersing glass rectifies chromatic aberration that results to color fringing, with comfort being provided by a soft strap. Both the Nikon 10x and 8x versions are sold with a semi hard case for protection during shipping. There is an optional tripod adaptor available for these two models. If you have been looking for the most effective compact binoculars, these two from Nikon stalwart will be a great choice.

2. Oberwerk 8×42 Sport ED Binocular

Compact, comfortable to use, tough, for beautifully colorful and clear images in bright daylights and tack-sharp stars at night, this 8×42 Sport ED model from Oberwerk is our second pick for an excellent all-around binocular. The Extra low Dispersion glass will give your eyes a higher contrast, and richly colored vison. Its 8.1-degree viewing field is perfect for sighting interesting patches at the night sky; and you can easily tuck them out of sight as you adjust your telescope for better target.

The 10×42 model from Oberwerk’s Sport ED is not any different in terms of size and weight from the 8×42’s. Dubhe and Merak, the only two stars among the Big Dipper, pointing to the Polaris (the North Star), will fit perfectly within the 10×42’s field. Either of these versions is wide enough to view meteor showers.

Not how little or how much — you have to spend, it will make a lot of sense to have a “grab-and-go” set of binoculars that can be trusted to bring every detail more closer; day or night, indoors or outdoors. Available in a conveniently compact size, a bit chunky-but surprisingly lightweight, superbly clear images, no color distortion and excellent focus, The Oberwerks’ 8×42 ED is the binocular to go for if you can you want a multipurpose device.

3. Vortex Crossfire 8×42 Binocular

Widest viewing field, Waterproof, Fog-proof, Rugged and durable

This Vortex Crossfire 8×42 binos provides the widest viewing field of every binoculars we’ve used or listed above. This shows that this Crossfire 8×42 is ideal for moments when you are tracking a fast-paced movement, such as bird-watching or a sporting event. With a low magnification power of 8x, this binoculars will not enable you to see very far compared to Celestron’s SkyMaster binos. Nevertheless, the low power helps it to eliminate shaky images that are as a result of little hand movements.

To make up for the low magnification power, this binos makes it up for with good optical quality. This is however best used in daytime observations because it will not work well in low-light environments. The Vortex Crossfire is fog-proof and waterproof, made to be durable enough so that it can be used outdoors without having to worry about damage.

4. Kowa YF8x42

Best suited for bad weather, thanks to its nitrogen filling and waterproof features. The Kowa’s Y8x42 series of binos offers 8x magnifications and a lenses diameter of 42mm objective. It offers portability, weighing less than 500 grams. For variety sake, we picked the 8×42 option for this post, which presents a large field view of 140m to 1000m, so that you can be able to get a better observation without having to adjust the position of the binoculars. It has a coated lenses that is said to feature a good resistance to dust, making the Kowa YF8x42 binoculars an easy maintenance option. This is an improved version of the premier porro-prism configuration, which comes with durable rubber molded amour and a soft contour.

5. Gosky 8×42 Birding and Astronomy Binocular

The Gosky 8×42 binocular is the perfect “gateway gear” for heavyweight stereoscopic sky watching. They give a whole lot of binocular model a run for the buck, with a big aperture and big-league specs. Additionally, it has the fastness of a central focus knob.

The Gosky 8×42 is less-costly, light-weight and slightly less-powerful option to the Celestron Outland 8×42. The Gosky in general, will give you at least 85% of the experience, at half price of the Celestrons. In some ways, we can say that the Gosky are much easier to handle.

6. Celestron Outland X 8×42

The best pocket friendly binoculars that delivers much more for the money

Versatile and perfectly suited for wildlife Sturdy polycarbonate housing. Waterproof and available in green or black.

This is something for the bargainers, a Celestron-BaK4 8×42 binoculars presents 8x magnification with a multi coating optics that stops any object from blocking the view. This size isn’t the only one available – you can get the Outland binoculars in other magnification powers and sizes. Best suited for outdoor use for bird watching or wildlife viewing, thanks to the excellent magnification and a durably strong polycarbonate design and waterproof features. The conveniently sized 42mm objective lenses will assist in gathering light, qualifying this binoculars as a good pick for use in poor light setting as well as normal daylight. A big smooth to the touch focus wheel helps in operation and a relief for long 18mm eye viewing comfort. The binoculars can be tripod mounted if need be, thanks to the strap and carrying case that comes as standard accessories, and a limited lifetime warranty.

7. Celestron Nature DX 8×42 Binocular

Best medium sized astronomy binocular

Light and easy to hold, Waterproof and Condensation-resistant

The Celestron’s Nature DX 8×42 is among our best picks for the best medium size binoculars for astronomical objects. Weighing at 38 ounces, you can easily carry these for long hours during busy outdoor activities. During the night, lie back in your outdoor recliner so that you can easily hand hold them for a long while. The binoculars has a wide rubber bumper on the oculars’ lens guards to make them comfortable enough when resting on your cheekbones and the eye orbits

8. Oberwerk 8×42 Mariner Binocular

Best small astronomy binocular

The Oberwerk Mariner 8x42s is excellent for travel, and they are good for astronomy. They’re quite small to wear for a nice afternoon of bird watching or soccer-match. Plus, just as the name implies, they are waterproof, able absorb an occasional bump that tries to slide across your boat deck or your cabin top, so that it doesn’t go out of alignment. This is the reason why we picked the Oberwerk Mariner 8×42 as the best choice for Astronomical Binoculars.

9. Canon 8x42L IS WP

The most stabilized imaging binoculars

Steady image, stabilized performance, Weather proofed with its 8x magnification and best size optics, Bulkier than the non-stabilized binos, heavier compared to other models at 1,110g

Every version of Canon current models of binos has the ‘IS-suffix in the name to emphasize the images stabilization feature. This is a battery-operated option that enables you to acquire wobble free images by pressing in a button addition on the binoculars – not forgetting that the stabilizing effect is instant. From the vast models of Canon IS available, we picked this particular Canon 8x42L design as our best pick, because it’s waterproof, therefore best suited for a broad range of long distance observations.

In addition, Canon’s ‘L’-series is the premium versions, presenting you with a firm view even in the most unfriendly weather conditions. Apart from the solid stability, this porro-prism binoculars sits very well in the hand and provides a long view relief, and a huge 4.2mm pupil in a beautifully bright setting. They present a close focusing-distance that is much closer compared to others, at just 2.5 meters.

10. Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42

A Big-name brand at a pocket friendly price, with a Rugged rubber armor design and an O-ring sealing

This is a previous Red Dot model award winner, it is a mid-range Nikon model equipped with a rubber armored, non-slip construction design equipped with both 8×42 or 10×42 choices, and a weight of only 575g despite the robust creation, so that it doesn’t tire you quickly. It also features a reflective silver mirror alloy coating on the surface of the prism lenses to provide what’s said to be a clear and bright viewing, while the long eye relief provides comfortable viewing, especially for people who wear glasses. The O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling makes it a waterproof pair which delivers a fog-proof performance when being used outdoors. In simple terms, this is a good option for different activities delivering plenty of visual ‘bang’ for your buck.

11. Leica Trinovid- 8×42

A Full-body amour, an excellent image contract, and very good color fidelity,

Designed to survive through anything, the Leica Trinovid-8×42 binoculars has a thumbs up as the most appropriate binoculars for birding. It is not just the best ‘bird watching binos: actually, it is a solid all round choice. If you want the combination of a state of the art imaging and an amazing durability that can stand whatever nature may bring your way, then we highly recommend this Leica impac- resistant Trinovid 42mm binos. It has a beautiful design and a good grip that gives a precise focus, providing razor sharp close-up images for birds, and a long distance clarity. The performance of this binoculars remains consistent too, whether you will be viewing subjects in daylight or at night time. The color fidelity and excellent contrast are essential for bird watching and these binos offer just that in spades, not to mention several model choices, from 8×42 to 10×42 that we have selected for our list.

12. Olympus 8×42 PRO

A binoculars best suited for safari – with waterproof features

Compact, very light, versatile, Waterproofed with a nitrogen filling, 8x, not very good for birders, a bit pricey

This is a bright, reliable and robust model from Olympus pro brand line up (they also have a 10×42 model available). It is characterized by a nano coat, a premier feature in this line. Olympus is famed for optical expertise, so the high performance is expected. These binos’ optics present an unprecedented light transmission for this particular class. With an ergonomic and compact design and a rugged construction to prevent any distortion caused by water when your binos is submerged in water for more than five minutes. Its close up functions are also impressive, with its ability to capture objects as close as 1.5m. The Nitrogen filling repels fogging and the slim design enables ease of use. The extensive eye relief gives you comfort is you use glasses.

13. Levenhuk Sherman PRO 8×42 Binocular

Best for suited for adventure and travel

Compact, lightweight, Waterproof, fog-resistant and Shock resistant

Levenhuk refers to this line as Sherman; meaning the “Sherman tank.” It is tough! Rubberized for a better shock and water resistance outdoors, but beautifully cast and well coated inside, this Levenhuk 8×42’s is built to bear with all the punishment your explorations outdoors will have in store. Its compact body has a weight of only 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg). You will get the same 8.1-degree viewing field as our best-rated “any performance” binocular from the Oberwerk brand, but this Levenhuks doesn’t have the ability to focus on objects further than 16 ft. (5 m) away. The eyecups can twist up to maintain side-light out. The 18mm of visual relief will help you maintain your sand goggles and glacier glasses in place. It has an optically clear BAK-4 glass to deliver good illumination in the bright days; the porro prisms specs can pass excellentfor contrast in the dark.

14. Opticron Savanna 8×42

A binoculars best suited for kids –simple to use, lightweight and affordable

Compact, light, will fit in a sling bag, No eyestrain for small kids even seven year olds, Not very powerful, Lacks features such as anti-fogging

This budget-priced Opticron-Savanna 8×42 binos is portable as well as contemporary appearing porro prism binos, waterproof and is best designed for youngsters just as it would serve adults. Find here D3 Home Modern Furniture. Actually, this range of ‘Savanna’, instead of “Savannah” is known to designed strategically for children use, ages 7 or more without the fear of eye straining. In addition to a great compatibility for small hands, It is light weight too, weighing a less than 500 grams, and offering relatively big viewing field for those curious minds. Its magnification power does not make it the most powerful pair of binoculars, but you can increase the magnification power up to 10×42, by getting that particular model – and all you have to deal with is a little bit more weight – for just a more money, which presents something of a bargain.

15. Zeiss SF 8×42 Binos

The binoculars made for luxury – if you really want to invest in a binoculars

Manufactured by the famed opticals specialists, For a Crystal clear performance, but a bit Expensive

Zeiss is a synonymous brand with a cutting-edge optical excellence, for people looking to spend luxuriously into thousands to get the best binoculars there is,– then they should really check out what Zeiss has in store. Made for pretty much every everything, especially for wildlife watchers, the 8x magnification power of this version, this Zeiss Victory SF 8×42, will not only bring faraway objects up close, its optical performance will give you a crystal clarity, all thanks to the seven lenses eye piece. This model is the very versatile, not to mention the most premium, made with an evenly equalized weight distribution as well as an ergonomic grip to make it easier for hand-holding for a prolonged duration. Zeiss company claims that the huge exit pupil measuring more than 5mm shows details in darkness or dim light.